Harris County ESD 11

Customer: JE Dunn Construction
Project: Harris County ESD 11
Job: Installed 54 Bollards and Heavy-duty interior striping tape

We recently installed (54) interior 6” bollards with custom bollard sleeves and approximately 2,500 LF of dashed heavy-duty interior striping tape. 

Installing these bollards was particularly tricky because A-1 was not able to use any equipment inside the building due to fuel emissions, bollard proximity to walls, and damage to the flooring finish. As a result, we carefully excavated each hole by hand which was very time-consuming, but this met the expectations of the customer. The owner had requested that their company color be in a solid stripe at the top of the bollard so we were able to match the color and we printed out vinyl strips with our industrial-grade vinyl printer so that the bollard sleeves could match their company’s aesthetic. 

The heavy-duty striping tape was a product that we found for our customer to use as a sufficient alternative to typical striping paint. We made this decision because the flooring finish was very smooth and would not have allowed for a proper paint application. Heavy-duty striping tape is great for interior surfaces because it adheres well, and can be reconfigured easily.