Types Of Residential Fencing

Types Of Residential Fencing

A happy home is made up of a vast number of parts, from the quality of the roofing to the maintenance of the lawn. The fence protecting your home and family is equally important and can provide a number of benefits for you and your loved ones. With the variety of residential fencing available, there’s something perfect for every home. There are a number of materials to choose from, and it’s important to pick the choice that best fits your family and property.

Home Fencing Options

Wood fencing is a popular choice for residential fences, as a selection of styles, colors, and finishes can be chosen to fit the aesthetic of your home. While an unfinished, natural wood would compliment a rustic style, a simplistic, white fence could be the perfect touch for a more modern design. With their solid structures and complete coverage, wooden fences help keep homes safe and private.

For a more weather-resistant alternative to wood or metal, vinyl varieties, also known as PVC fencing, offer elegant or simple designs in a variety of shapes. While wood can rot after years of exposure to moisture and other elements, vinyl will last much longer, and will never need to be painted. Due to its resistance to water damage, vinyl fencing is a popular option for use near swimming pools.

Metal and wrought iron fences are both aesthetically pleasing and durable, providing a long-term solution for security. With proper maintenance, this type if residential fencing can last over 50 years, and they can increase the value of a property if added. Although larger openings allow for less privacy and security, these styles can usually be paired with access gates and other features that make them a popular option for both traditional and modern homes.

Chain link fences remain the most common type of residential fencing, as this option remains affordable and provides great security, especially in the back yards of homes with children or pets. This versatile option can be painted and easily change directions in planning or installation.

The gauge of the wire used and openings in the mesh can be changed to provide numerous options for security, price, and durability.

Fence Installation Choices

Choosing a fence that fits your budget and preferences can still be challenging, but consulting with a fencing professional can be extremely helpful when review your options. Certain issues, such as landscaping and other concerns, may limit your available residential fence choices, so speaking with an experienced fence installation company can reduce your stress when deciding and answer any specific questions that you may have in regards to the best fencing option for your unique needs.

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