The Stormwater-Friendly Concrete Driveway

The Stormwater-Friendly Concrete Driveway

Interested in a stormwater-friendly concrete driveway for your home or business? Call on the concrete paving experts at A1SP. Get a quote when you call today. 

When it rains, it pours, and we are all too familiar with pouring here in Houston, TX. Sometimes, we love a nice rainstorm. However, it’s not always a good thing. 

That’s especially true when your driveway wasn’t built to handle a storm. 

From standing up to the elements to storing vehicles, a driveway is an essential part of both residential and commercial properties. With this in mind, it’s important to know how it handles the extreme weather here in Houston. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to explore a stormwater-friendly pervious concrete driveway. Across the Gulf Coast region, people understand the importance of a water-friendly driveway. They keep pollutants out of our yards and help us maintain a stronger foundation. 

While other paving materials shed contaminants or particles into yards and storm drains, pervious concrete is a bit more eco-conscious. Are you sick of flooding and frequent driveway maintenance? 

Read on to learn the benefits of a driveway that can withstand a storm. 

What Is a Stormwater-Friendly Driveway?

When you have a stormwater-friendly driveway, it works with porous pavement to absorb water and drain it. Traditionally, concrete and asphalt driveways have large aggregate material mixed with sand and fine gravel. However, more permeable alternatives offer a more efficient system. 

With this, the water flows into a drainage layer that acts similarly to a reservoir. Within this system, your paving company establishes voids in the subbase to capture and drain stormwater. This happens without wearing away at the material. 

Moreover, this porous material provides improved traction for vehicles. However, since there are holes in the permeable surfaces, they may settle under extreme weight. That’s why it is essential to work with paving experts when you want to install a stormwater-friendly concrete driveway. 

What’s the Installation Process?

When you want to upgrade your driveway, it’s a fairly straightforward process. Here’s what to expect from our paving experts. 

  1. First, our concrete paving contractors assess your property to determine the most appropriate material. Moreover, we identify potential challenges and ways to address them. 
  2. Next, we solidify a plan and schedule everything necessary to ensure a smooth installation. 
  3. Then, the installation process begins with the removal of the existing driveway. Additionally, we evaluate and prepare the subbase. 
  4. Following this, we pour the material to the specifications of your stormwater-friendly concrete driveway. With a curing period, we strengthen the concrete. 
  5. After this curing period, the driveway is strong enough for vehicles. Our team offers insight into care and maintenance to ensure that your driveway lasts. 

Benefits of a Stormwater-Friendly Concrete Driveway

When you want to update or replace your driveway, choosing a new material is difficult. It’s important to understand your options because the initial costs, features, and lasting maintenance vary. 

Luckily, there are many benefits to a pervious concrete driveway. To learn more about them, schedule a consultation with our concrete paving contractors today. 

Reduced Chances of Flooding

Houstonians are all too familiar with excessive flooding. When you install a stormwater-friendly concrete driveway, it collects and directs excess water away from your property. 

While there are many benefits to an asphalt driveway, they have a high level of runoff with stormwater due to their structure and sealant. Alternatively, pervious concrete driveways have a lower pollutant runoff, fostering a greener solution. 


Although the installation cost is higher, pervious concrete tends to be more durable than asphalt. Moreover, it requires less maintenance than other materials. Additionally, without a stormwater-friendly pervious concrete driveway, you risk expensive water damage from flooding. This is because other materials don’t direct the flow of water away from your property and unfortunately, this can lead to flooding and damage to your home. 

Environmentally Friendly

Harmful oils and pollutants absorb easily into a porous material. This helps to break them down into less harmful substances, which in turn keeps pollutants away from storm drains, waterways, and your yard.  Additionally, it doesn’t require chemical sealants. As a result, this makes concrete an attractive option for many eco-conscious consumers. 

Ready to Upgrade to a Stormwater-Friendly Pervious Concrete Driveway?

For homes and businesses, a stormwater-friendly pervious concrete driveway is built to last. With the many benefits of the material, all you need is the right paving company to bring it to life. 

At A1SP, our contractors are backed by decades of experience. We have the skill and expertise necessary to meet your paving needs head-on and get the job done right the first time. With experience throughout the Greater Houston Area, we know how to build stormwater-friendly surfaces. 

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