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For many businesses in Houston, the physical facilities establish a critical foundation for them to do their work. From preparing the construction site, to managing the construction process in a safe and efficient manner, A1 is on top of all aspects of commercial construction management.

For this reason, many businesses across the Greater Houston Area trust A-1 Construction Services with their construction needs. With our experienced commercial contractors, Houston businesses gain access to the needed skills and knowledge to ensure that the construction process is done correctly.

Business owners of all sizes trust A1 to be the experienced professionals we’ve proven to be over many decades of providing exceptional service. When you need Houston site construction management, call on A1 to meet your needs.

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Site Construction Services in Houston

Site Layout and Site Design

With our extensive experience and a full suite of services, we have the ability to provide a high level of performance in site layout and site design. Moreover, we offer a more detailed and competitive bid process when compared to many of our competitors.

Our Houston commercial construction management team has provided site design services to some of Houston’s finest commercial projects. Contact our team today for a consultation.

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Clearing & Grubbing

Clearing and grubbing are necessary work to ensure a site is ready for work. As clearing and grubbing refer to the removal of any obstacles on the site, our Houston commercial construction management team works diligently to make sure the site is in proper condition before the work begins.

At A1, our commercial contractors provide the necessary clearing services to remove any debris or vegetation. Recycling whenever possible, we strive to do the task in the most environmentally friendly way possible while avoiding any damage to the surrounding areas.

Dirt Work

Moving, leveling, and replacing dirt is an essential part of many construction projects. It’s work that needs to be done efficiently, effectively, and to precise specifications in order to avoid problems down the line. With our earth-moving crews, you gain a team that works diligently and to your requirements. We handle all of our dirt-moving projects in an environmentally responsible way. You can count on our Houston construction management team to provide an earth-moving crew who works to prevent problems while adhering to your timeline.

Underground Utilities

With A1’s trusted Houston commercial construction management on your side, you have a full-service team of contractors able to tackle your underground utility installation needs. Our team has the expertise and experience needed to install or repair your site’s underground utilities including storm, sewage, and water lines. A1 can also provide the needed above-ground improvements including gutters, catch basins, drains and manholes.

From our use of specialized equipment combined with the needed expertise, we efficiently meet your underground utility construction needs. Contact our team today to see how A1’s team can make your project a reality.

Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is a broad term that encompasses a multitude of methods. The goal of soil stabilization is to improve upon the natural load-bearing ability of the soil on the construction site. With a more stable base, we can construct buildings and other improvements that will remain structurally sound for many years.

Our Houston commercial construction management team is familiar with a broad spectrum of the methods needed to properly stabilize the soil. The most common additives used to stabilize the soil are either through the use of lime or cement. These products are mixed, graded, and compacted to a specified density to ensure the proper load-bearing specifications are achieved.

With our breadth of experience in soil stabilization throughout the Greater Houston Area, we are confident we can identify and execute the best method for your specific project.

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Erosion Control

The Houston commercial construction management team at A1 takes environmental impact seriously. We use our extensive knowledge of erosion issues to prevent damage from stormwater runoff and other sources.

Every construction site is different. That’s why we tailor our efforts to your specific project. We maximize our efforts to mitigate our impact throughout the project. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about how our Houston commercial contractors work.

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