Restriping Parking Lots

Restriping Parking Lots

A-1 Construction Services has served the greater Houston area for over two decades as the most trusted contract company when it comes to repairing and restriping parking lots. Parking Lot repairs are critically important for a city to function; damaged asphalt or concrete can be extremely detrimental to traffic, commerce, pedestrian activity, and parking.

Houston’s Best Parking Lot Maintenance & Restriping Contractors:

A-1 has been providing parking lot services to Houston for the last twenty years. Among the many parking lot maintenance services we offer are:

Striping of new construction: We cover all your striping needs, from stalls to curbs to loading zones to fire lanes.

Restriping of existing lots: Whether your striping is worn or you need to reorient stalls, we can conceptualize and execute each project.

Directional Arrows: Directional arrows help facilitate the direction and orderly flow of traffic.

Fire Lanes: Curb painting with appropriate fire lane stenciling.

Thermoplastic Application and Striping: Reflective, long-wearing, solvent-free, heavy bonding pavement marking material that applies to PCC or aged asphalt surfaces without primer. It resists freeze/thaw cyclic cracking, oil, grease and pigment.

We service shopping centers, parking lots, commercial properties, residential communities, streets, jogging trails, and more. We are dedicated to maintaining the asphalt throughout the entire Houston area, so every member of our community has the most stable ground available. We are quick to repair all asphalt issues to ensure that no damage is done to your personal property.

If you are in need of parking lot contractor services, or if you have any questions about any of our other amazing construction projects, contact A-1 Construction Services online and request a free quote today.


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