Parking Lot Restoration

Parking Lot Restoration

Parking lots see wear and tear from many types of vehicles and heavy traffic can lead to many types of concerns. Over time both asphalt and concrete parking lots can succumb to damage from oil, water, heat, and simple daily use. To provide a safe and professional parking area, maintenance and repairs are sometimes necessary.

A1 Construction services provides a range of comprehensive parking lot restoration services across the Houston area, to quickly take a worn down parking lot to great condition. Our services include:

Parking Lot Restoration: Restriping

Striping will inevitably fade after extended use, and this deterioration can make a parking area look run down. It’s important to restripe pavement quickly to minimize inconvenience for visitors. At A1 Construction Services, we can efficiently re-stripe or even modify the layout for a wide range of parking lots and areas in Houston.

ADA Items and Fire Lanes

Water and time can eat away at required markings, such as fire lanes, handicapped accessible areas, and other ADA necessities. A fresh coat of paint can be applied quickly and efficiently to rejuvenate a parking area and stay safely within legal requirements.


Parking Lot Restoration: Crack Filling and Patchwork

Quickly filling in and repairing any cracks and holes in pavement is crucial to minimize the damage from spreading further. If left unattended cracks can fill with water and damage underlying layers, spreading the deteriorating throughout the whole area. With maintenance, though, these areas can typically be repaired quickly.

Parking Lot Restoration: Seal Coating

Regularly refreshing a sealant on an asphalt parking area can significantly extend its life, protecting the pavement from damage. It can also prevent stains and discoloration, keeping the asphalt looking great for years. In the long run, this maintenance step can save a parking lot from needing expensive repairs.


Placing an asphalt overlay can easily restore a parking area. Set on top of an existing layer of pavement, the process can often refresh the look of asphalt and restore imperfections. However, this is not a solution to significant potholes, cracks, or other damage, as the new layer of pavement will soon begin to deteriorate as well.

Restore a Parking Lot in Houston

A1 Construction services has repaired and revitalized parking areas throughout Houston, for businesses of all sizes. We know that completing projects efficiently is crucial, and we take our client’s time very seriously. To discuss our parking lot restoration services, contact us today.

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