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When they need asphalt paving, Houston businesses rely on A1 Construction Services. We stand above the rest when it comes to asphalt installation. From roadways and parking areas to pedestrian paths, asphalt is a vital aspect of many construction projects.

Asphalt Paving Specialists

When you work with A1, you have a team of experienced commercial paving specialists who can meet the exact specifications of your project in a timely manner. Cost-effective and efficient, our paving contractors have decades of experience with a range of asphalt designs.

We always emphasize a relationship with clients and put a focus on complete satisfaction. That’s why our team utilizes high-quality materials and processes. Coupled with our expertise, we ensure durability and reliability in every project we take on.

New Construction

Asphalt Street Construction

Whether you need to extend a street into a developing area, build a new subdivision, or pave a new roadway, our Houston asphalt paving team knows that durability is essential. When it comes to street construction, asphalt is a common material. With a broad range of experience, our team is able to confidently widen streets, install new roadways, and create any asphalt driving lane.

Turn Lane Construction

Like any major city, turn lanes are a frequent necessity as Houston continues to grow and develop. With our asphalt paving, Houston businesses and drivers gain peace of mind. Rest assured that our team has the experience necessary to install durable turn lanes quickly and efficiently.

Parking Lot Construction

Across Houston, TX, parking lots are high-use areas and an important aspect of any business. For many companies, parking areas present an essential first impression to potential customers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that safety issues present a liability to your business when damage to the pavement poses a hazard to visitors.

This is why it is crucial to hire an experienced team of Houston asphalt contractors such as A-1 Construction. We install new high-quality parking lots that are durable enough to protect your business. With our expertise and quality of construction, we reduce the need for pavement repairs.

Jogging Trails

Safety is vital when you want to build out a trail for joggers and runners. Whether in a park or other area, our Houston asphalt contractors understand how essential it is to provide a safe pathway for pedestrians.

With our expertise and experience, our asphalt contractors provide peace of mind. Our team has experience installing blacktop in a wide range of terrains. Decades of experience and hard work have given us the insight needed to create a surface that is smooth enough for a good experience and durable enough to withstand years of outdoor elements.

With our installation services, Houston gains optimum jogging trails that balance safety and aesthetics.

Asphalt Paving Houston Counts On

Asphalt Maintenance


Sealcoating is a process in which our Houston asphalt paving team applies a protective sealant to the asphalt surface. Properly installed, sealcoating slows the aging process of the surface which increases its durability.

Whether used on a parking lot or a roadway, seal coating is an essential aspect of preserving the project. Moreover, it improves the aesthetic while guarding against oxidation and spills. This protective barrier is akin to a shield for your paving project. It provides protection against oil, water, salt, UV rays, gas, and chemicals.

Our reliable team of asphalt contractors in Houston is ready to assist with your seal coating needs for your parking lots, pathways, and roads.

Asphalt Crack Filling

Crack filling is an important component in properly maintaining an asphalt parking lot. Over time, asphalt develops cracks from heavy traffic and sudden changes in temperature. Whenever cracks in the asphalt appear, it is essential to fill them with a rubberized crack filler as soon as possible. This process prevents water from saturating the base which supports the pavement. Our contractors fill these cracks to help you avoid costly base failure complications down the road.

Our team of Houston asphalt paving contractors offers affordable crack filling services that you can rely on. With decades of experience, we have the expertise necessary to help you maintain your parking lot in a cost-effective manner.

Asphalt Maintenance and Repair Houston Relies On

Surface and Base Repair

As a Houston asphalt paving team, we offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services. We strive to support our clients and ensure their pavement is safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing. From surface cracks to pothole repair and extensive maintenance work, our team has the experience necessary to work quickly and affordably.
When you need asphalt repairs or want to avoid costly maintenance in the future, call on the asphalt experts at A-1 Construction Services.

Soil Stabilization

Through soil stabilization, we work to change the properties of the soil. In turn, it is able to handle more weight, including load-bearing pavement and foundations. More than just Houston asphalt paving company, our team understands how vital the stabilization process is to increase the strength of soil and the stability of your site.

The soil varies from place to place, and with the many different types of soil, it’s hard to ensure it can endure your work. With heavy-duty reclamation equipment, we mix the soil with the proper additives and roll the surface to provide the proper compaction rate. Through this process, we establish a much stronger base for your project.

Subgrade Preparation and Base Installation

Limestone Base Installation

When you need limestone base installation, A1SP has the asphalt contractors Houston businesses count on for high-quality work and efficient service. For any aspect of your asphalt construction project, our team has the experience and expertise necessary to meet your specifications.

A limestone base is one of the most common and cost-effective materials to prepare your site for an asphalt surface. Our team has the needed expertise to properly grade and compact limestone base to ensure a smooth and durable asphalt parking lot that will drain properly when the rains come.

With experienced asphalt paving, Houston businesses have a sturdy foundation to build upon.

Cement Treated Base

Cement treated base is another commonly used base material that A-1 Construction installs on a regular basis.
This type of base combines cement with the appropriate aggregate, which when installed, provides for a very strong and firm foundation for your parking lot surface. Whether it be stabilized limestone or stabilized crushed concrete, A-1 has the expertise that Houston property owners can count on to take care of their parking lot construction and repair needs.

For a stable base, work with the asphalt paving company Houston relies on.

Asphalt-Treated Base

Asphalt-treated base, or ATB, is a dense HMA with a wide gradation band. The lower asphalt content allows it to be used as a stabilizing base. Oftentimes, ATB is more affordable than other HMA mixes. This is because it is produced with less expensive aggregates. Moreover, it requires lower percentages of asphalt binder.
In addition to the asphalt paving benefits it provides, ATB has the following benefits:
It offers a water-resistant barrier that prevents infiltration into the pavement structure. Generally, ATB is three times stronger than an untreated base, such as crushed rock.

Black Base Installation

Commonly referred to as ATB, black base is another base option that our Houston asphalt paving company offers. ATB creates a waterproof barrier that prevents water from accumulating within the subgrade. This in turn helps to avoid the formation of voids which will cause the pavement to settle.
With black base installation, we have an excellent alternative to untreated base materials. Structurally speaking, this material is much stronger than an untreated base. This allows us to use thinner layers for the same level of structural support which helps to save on excavation costs.

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Restoration with Asphalt Paving
Houston Trusts

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling, also known as pavement milling, is the process of grinding and removing the top layer of asphalt. Oftentimes, this service is an economical method of resurfacing an old surface while maintaining the elevations needed to properly work with adjacent sidewalks, driveways, and gutters. Our Houston asphalt paving team is ready to help you restore the visual appeal and functionality of your paved surfaces.

Asphalt Reclaiming

For asphalt paving, Houston relies on us for a broad range of restoration services. One way our experts are able to save you money is through reclaiming asphalt. Whenever possible, we utilize asphalt reclaiming not only to save our clients money but also to provide a more environmentally sound construction process.

Asphalt reclaiming vastly reduces the materials needed in a restoration project. When reclaiming asphalt, we are able to recondition the existing base material. Portland cement is recycled with the existing asphalt surface and underlying base. The resulting material is then graded and compacted to serve as a like-new foundation for the parking lot.

Finally, a new asphalt surface is installed for a parking lot that is equally as good as it was when first constructed. This process saves our customers a tremendous amount of time and money.

Whether you need to reclaim a parking lot, roadway, or pathway, you can count on our Houston asphalt paving contractors to perform the work effectively and efficiently.

Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt overlay is a method of applying a new layer of asphalt to deteriorating surfaces. Instead of completely removing an older asphalt surface, the overlay uses the existing layer as a base for the new pavement. Overlays are ideal for surfaces with minor damage. However, when the damage is extensive, such as large cracks and potholes, milling may be required before applying the overlay.

Fortunately, our asphalt experts have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide cost-effective, efficient service. With our asphalt paving, Houston businesses have a quick and efficient team to provide high-quality asphalt overlays.