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When it comes to directing traffic, Houston business owners understand that organized traffic flow and control are essential in maintaining a safe environment. With its large, sprawling system of roadways and thoroughfares, Houston is very susceptible to traffic accidents.

At A-1 Construction Services, we understand that proper traffic control construction is imperative. When working with our Houston traffic control construction experts, we can help you promote safe travel on your property by alerting drivers to potential hazards. We offer a wide range of services and options to help you help your drivers to safely navigate your parking lots and roadways. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Jiggle Bars

Jiggle Bars for Traffic Control

Jiggle bars consist of raised squares or tiles that create a rumble effect when someone drives over them. The vibrations and sounds these make alert drivers of a potential hazard ahead. On interstate freeways and state highways where high speeds are a factor, they are especially effective. Whether they are too close to a barrier or need to slow down, motorists become more aware of their surroundings and thus safer drivers.

Call us today to see how jiggle bars can help you maintain a safer environment for drivers and pedestrians alike.

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Plastic Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps for Houston Businesses and

Durable plastic speed bumps are another way to help protect people and property. By controlling speeds in parking lots and on roadways, you take a big step in helping to prevent accidents. Plastic speed bumps are an economical method to get drivers to comply with posted speed limits and to slow down in potentially dangerous areas, such as pedestrian crossings.

They are able to withstand heavy traffic from large vehicles and are versatile as they are easily removable for maintenance or relocation.

Plastic speed bumps come in a large variety of sizes, from large, gently sloping bumps which are typically used on streets, to smaller, more steeply sloped speed bumps which are designed to greatly reduce a vehicle’s speed in parking lots and garages. Call on our Houston traffic control construction specialists to help you find the perfect type and size of plastic speed bumps for your needs.

Asphalt Speed Bumps

One of the most common types of speed bumps used is made from asphalt. Asphalt speed bumps are typically the most economical option and provide you the most flexibility. Asphalt allows you to easily determine the best size and slope to use based on its intended use. Once in place, the desired color, typically white or yellow, is another choice option.

Finally, the customer can choose between outlining the asphalt speed bumps with paint, painting the speed bumps a solid color, or painting several bars across the width of the speed bumps for the desired look and visibility they are trying to achieve.

Give our Houston traffic control specialists a call to let them help you design your next asphalt speed bumps.

Pavement Marking

With thermoplastic pavement markings, you have the most durable but cost-effective pavement marking choice. In addition to its durability, thermoplastic pavement markings offer increased visibility at night and in adverse weather conditions.

Thermoplastic is the optimal choice when faced with the need for pavement markings in high-traffic areas such as roadways and intersections. In addition, it is an environmentally safe option that dries quickly.

When you work with A1SP, you can be assured that we will guide you through the process of deciding if thermoplastic pavement markings are right for you. If so you can count on A1 Construction to provide the needed expert installation of the thermoplastic markings to ensure the look and durability you are wanting.

With our decades of experience, you can count on us to get it right.

Pavement Markings
for Traffic Control

Ceramic Traffic Buttons

Traffic Control and Ceramic Buttons

Ceramic traffic buttons are round, dome-shaped markers. For Houston traffic control, they are excellent because they offer resistance to abrasion, chemical harm, shock, and temperature fluctuations.

With numerous options available, we have permanent and temporary options. Permanent options offer traffic flow solutions for roadways, parking lots, and any property requiring marked lanes. Additionally, they are perfect for noting hazards and signifying other issues.

In addition to their high visibility, they increase safety through a rumble effect. This warns drivers without impacting their ability to steer.

Plastic Traffic Buttons

Pavement Marking at Airports

Typically made of polypropylene, plastic traffic buttons help to make parking lots and roadways safer because they alert drivers to potential hazards as well as mark lanes. Plastic traffic buttons are highly visible and come with several reflective options.

These buttons also are available in multiple colors to go with their intended use, whether it be for designating traffic lanes, marking pedestrian crossings, or warning drivers of potential hazards. Let A1SP help you in addressing your needs for plastic traffic buttons.

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Traffic Control Houston: Schedule Your Consultation to Improve Your Safety

Houston Traffic Control Services

At A-1 Construction Services, we have decades of experience working in traffic flow and traffic control. Houston businesses, as well as local government organizations, trust us to properly address their traffic control projects.

When you want to improve the safety of your roadways, whether permanent or temporary, we know how to manage your project and map out the best solution possible. Moreover, we understand how to help businesses control traffic to avoid liability for accidents on their property.

With a wide variety of traffic control Houston services, we will help you increase visibility for drivers around your property and roadway and do it safely. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation!