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A-1 Construction Services offers a broad range of pavement markings that many businesses have utilized for decades to help them operate efficiently and safely. While striping might seem like simple white or yellow lines, these markings are essential for the safe routing and parking of vehicles.

As one of Houston’s largest pavement marking contractors, A1 offers a comprehensive array of products and expertise to help you with your pavement marking needs. When you need pavement marking done right, contact the experts at A1SP.

Pavement Marking for Parking Lots and Garages: New Layout and Striping

Houston Pavement Marking for Parking Areas

From drive lane markings to parking space striping, highly visible pavement markings are an essential part of any parking area. In order to provide adequate space for vehicles and maximize your use of space, you need a team with decades of experience to help you design your parking areas. At A1SP, we have spent many years designing and striping efficient parking areas for Houston businesses.

Parking lots and parking garages are crucial areas for any business. Without a well-planned, efficient parking area, you leave your customers frustrated long before they enter the building. Worse yet, they might just leave altogether.

Additionally, there are numerous safety concerns to consider as well as local and state regulations to follow.

Our team knows how to thoroughly survey your parking structure. With a focus on maximizing parking capacity while prioritizing safety, we provide our customers with comprehensive plans to achieve these goals. In addition to parking spaces, we have experience in restoring curb striping, no parking zones, fire lane areas, loading zones, and handicap parking areas.

When businesses need pavement marking, Houston trusts A-1 to get the job done right.

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Pavement Restriping for Parking Lots and Garages

Restriping and Restoration

When it comes to the longevity of parking lot striping, Houston weather and traffic will greatly wear out the striping over time. As these markings fade, restriping is crucial if you want to maintain a safe, visually appealing parking area.

When restriping, precision is essential. You need a team who can ensure that you will have the same use of space while improving the look. A1SP has decades of experience in accurately restoring parking lots and garages with striping that is second to none.

From standard parking spaces and ADA-compliant spaces to directional arrows and other pavement markings, we are a striping company Houston relies on. When you’re ready to restripe your parking area, you have our commitment to work quickly and to get the job done right the first time.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, there are numerous guidelines that parking garages and parking lots must comply with. As the ADA requires all buildings to be accessible to customers with disabilities, parking areas must also provide adequate and safe parking spaces for these patrons.

Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for any business. In addition to customer frustration, you face litigation and steep fines if you fail to comply with the requirements. As pavement marking Houston experts, we offer a variety of ADA compliance services. From handicap aisles and routes to the required stenciling, our team has the experience you need to guide you through the oftentimes confusing process of complying with the ADA.

Fire Lanes and Other
Emergency Areas

Fire Lanes and Pavement Marking

In the event of a fire or other emergency, responders require quick access to a building. For emergency pavement marking, Houston businesses need clearly marked fire lanes. These lanes provide a dedicated space for emergency responders while preventing customers from occupying the space.

When you comply with these fire lane requirements, you grant ambulances and other emergency personnel quick access. In turn, they are able to provide efficient and effective responses to dire situations.

City and state ordinances often outline very specific requirements in providing these fire lanes. When you work with our pavement marking Houston company, we will help ensure that your fire lane markings meet these minimum standards. In doing so, we not only help ensure the safety of your tenants but also help protect you from expensive fines for noncompliance.

Pavement Marking Houston

Traffic Control and Roadway Safety

As thousands of tires travel across the same stretch of road on a daily basis, the pavement markings fade. When these lines become less visible, safety becomes a major concern. This is because accidents occur more often when people can’t clearly see the markings on the road.

With accurate and quick restoration, our pavement marking Houston experts help prevent unnecessary property damage and injuries. At A1SP, we efficiently handle roadway markings to keep Houston traffic moving. A1 is knowledgeable in the areas of traditional traffic marking paint, to preformed plastic tape and thermoplastic markings.

From public roadways to gated communities, we have a broad spectrum of experience providing roadway markings. When it comes to pavement marking, Houston relies on the experience and expertise of A-1 Construction Services.

Airport Striping Services

Pavement Marking at Airports

Airports are complex areas. Much like a city, they have an array of areas that require precise pavement markings. Safety is essential with airport striping because these markings keep passengers and workers safe. Moreover, they keep flights running smoothly.

With the quick, efficient restoration of these markings, you will minimize interruptions to your business of operating an airport. We can help you run an efficient airport with providing you the following striping services:

Runway painting
Taxiway painting
Temporary markings

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Directional Traffic Flow Striping

Traffic Flow Management

In a city like Houston, pavement marking keeps traffic moving smoothly. Traffic flow is the backbone of efficiency for both parking areas and roadways. With effective, high-quality pavement markings ranging from directional arrows, lane markings, stop bars and crosswalks, Houston businesses rely on A1 to help maintain an efficient flow of traffic through their spaces.

Whether you require new traffic flow striping or restoration services, A1SP has the experience and expertise necessary. Our team strives to provide precision and accuracy with a focus on safety and efficiency.

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From restoration projects to custom layouts, Houston relies on A1SP to provide high-quality and durable pavement markings. Backed by decades of experience, we know how to work efficiently and effectively to meet your timeline without sacrificing quality. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your pavement marking needs in the greater Houston area.