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When your business needs a facelift, our Houston commercial repair services will help to correct minor issues to improve the look of your building and parking lot alike. However, sometimes commercial restoration requires something more. When a commercial property sustains damage of any kind, it puts your business at risk of interruption. As such, you may face lost revenue and customers. No one wants to bear the burden of these financial hardships.

With our expertise as commercial restoration professionals, Houston businesses rely on A1 to address numerous issues. While some issues are minor repairs or restorations with a simple, quick solution, others require a more involved restoration construction procedure. No matter what, we strive to help your business get back to normal as soon as possible.

At A1SP, we are proud to be the commercial restoration company Houston businesses rely on. Backed by decades of experience, we are a leading provider of renovation and repair services. We’ve helped countless business owners make their properties feel brand new. Whether you need to recover from a disaster or simply need a little touch-up for your building or parking lot, we bring our expertise to every project we touch.

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Sandblasting is a process that utilizes high pressure to blast sand onto a surface. When it comes to our Houston commercial repair services, sandblasting is a powerful, quick way to remove rust and other coatings. Additionally, it is an excellent way to prepare a surface for a high-performance coating, such as powder coating.

Sandblasting is the most commonly used technique to remove parking lines and stenciling when reconfiguring a parking lot. Finally, sandblasting is the preferred method used to properly remove layers of old chipping paint prior to repainting. This will ensure that the new paint has the longevity that is expected.

As commercial restoration specialists who have many years of sandblasting experience, we have the tools and experience necessary to provide a reliable service to restore your property to its former glory.

Other Benefits of Sandblasting

Aside from its foundation as a cleaning solution, sandblasting is a great way to prep surfaces for final finishes. For instance, when you can’t apply a coating to a rough surface, this service allows us to smooth out the surface. Alternatively, sandblasting gives you the option to add texture to smooth surfaces.

In the hands of experienced commercial restoration contractors like A1, sandblasting has an array of uses for professional properties.

  • Remove rust, sand, and paint from surfaces
  • Preparation for final finishes
  • Add texture to surfaces
  • Provide a shine to a surface
  • Restore surfaces to “new” condition

Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing, also known as power washing, enables Houston businesses to beautify and to create cleaner environments for their workers, clients, and customers. Serving businesses throughout the Greater Houston Area, our Houston commercial repair specialists provide the pressure washing services needed to help local companies put their best foot forward.

With the intense heat and humid climate in Houston, businesses have to deal with unsightly black algae and mildew. As a hotspot area for these, it requires thorough cleaning that lasts. From brick and stucco to EIFS on buildings and concrete surfaces in garages and parking lots, our team knows how to expertly clean a wide variety of surfaces. Let us give your property the shine it deserves.

We are familiar with local requirements to recapture wastewater when needed and to properly dispose of any contaminants. Pressure washing is also the most cost-effective way to properly clean and prepare surfaces for new paint. This is especially important when striving to stripe or paint a surface that will last for a long time.

We work with your team to ensure we never interfere with your processes. Our team of reliable professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you receive the high-quality service you demand. Don’t let dirt and grime deter foot traffic or diminish your visitor’s enjoyment of your property. Contact our team for a quote today!

Caulking for Houston

Caulking is a small job that offers big results. Whether your commercial property requires new caulking or needs to replace deteriorated caulking, call on the experience of the A1SP contractors. Our team is ready to help you restore the function and appeal of your building, parking lot or parking garage.

Caulking on buildings does the important job of sealing your spaces to prevent the loss of air or the invasion of outside particles. With the right type of caulking, your building also becomes more energy-efficient, saving your business hard-earned money.

For parking lots, caulking is a common method used to create a watertight barrier in the expansion joints. By creating this moisture barrier, the subgrade is not susceptible to the deterioration often associated with water penetration. This is especially important, as it is the subgrade that supports the parking lot surface on top.

With our Houston commercial caulking services experience, we have the needed expertise backed by decades of experience to advise you on the type of caulk to use and where to use it.

Crack Repairs

When cracks form in your building, parking lot, or other structure, it can create an unsafe environment for your employees and customers alike. To ensure you minimize the risk that your visitors experience on your commercial property, our Houston concrete contractors will guide you in providing the needed crack patching services to restore your property to like-new condition.

From grinding and mudjacking to a full-slab replacement, we offer a broad spectrum of repair services to restore functionality to your property. Grinding, the most cost-effective method, allows for uneven concrete, caused by cracking, to be leveled out by shaving down the surface. Mudjacking is another cost-effective way to address large areas that have experienced settling, which in turn causes cracking. Mudjacking uses a method where a cementitious slurry grout of cement, sand, fines, and water is injected to fill the voids in the subgrade at pressure and properly lift the pavement. Finally, full-slab replacement, while the most costly option, is the most thorough and permanent repair method.

Backed by decades of experience as a premier concrete restoration company, Houston businesses have trusted the team at A1SP to properly address needed crack repairs that most projects inevitably experience. Contact our Houston commercial repair experts today for a quote to address your crack repair needs.

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Shot Blasting and Houston Commercial Building Repair

“Shot blasting” uses a process that propels steel balls located within a drum to remove paint or roughen a surface. Like sandblasting, it is an abrasive treatment that treats the surface but is typically a much cleaner process than sandblasting.

Oftentimes, we utilize this technique in larger areas and in environments where waste cleanup needs to be minimized. This is a unique technique that requires specialized equipment and expertise to get the job done correctly.

Trust in the experience of our Houston commercial restoration contractors to properly provide you with the shot blasting services you need in an effective and clean manner. Backed by our decades of work throughout the Greater Houston Area, our experts know when and how to apply the necessary shot blasting techniques to meet your needs.