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With A1SP’s concrete repair capabilities, Houston has a service they can count on. Concrete degradation is often the result of continuous heavy usage, poor sealing, and the extreme weather we frequently experience in Houston. Concrete restoration allows businesses an affordable way to repair the appeal and function of their property.

Oftentimes, concrete damage is superficial. Unfortunately, other cases point to a larger structural issue. These issues create hazards for your business, employees, and customers. To learn more about the state of your concrete and how to restore it, you need an evaluation from the concrete contractors Houston trusts.

With an accurate assessment of your concrete damage, we work with you to maintain a cost-effective, efficient solution. In doing so, we restore the integrity and safety of your property. Moreover, we will help to extend the lifespan of your concrete pavement.

Concrete Maintenance to Count On

Our Concrete Repair Services

With decades of experience, trust our team to map out a solution that gets the job done right. Schedule a consultation with A1SP today.

  • Concrete pavement assessment
  • Leveling check for sunken patches
  • Subgrade evaluation
  • Safety hazard assessment

When in need of concrete repair, Houston relies on the experience and expertise of our team. From crumbling, stained pavement to cracked concrete, the contractors at A1SP are ready to help. When you engage our team, we offer an objective assessment of your project.

Additionally, we offer our professional recommendations for repair vs replacement. Backed by decades of experience in the Greater Houston Area, we provide versatility and flexibility in our solutions.

We will always commit ourselves to your total satisfaction. This means we strive to get the job done right the first time to give you the results you want. When you work with A1SP, you experience exceptional service and incredible results.

Our Concrete Repair Services Content

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is an excellent option to economically address unlevel concrete. Since we all want our properties to be safe for our employees, clients, and customers, grinding is often the preferred method to quickly remove tripping hazards.

Typically, these hazards result from raised concrete panels or buckling pavement.

Through grinding, we offer a cost-effective means to address these issues. This is especially important because the alternative tends to be a full replacement, which is vastly more expensive.

Additionally, our contractors have the experience and skill necessary to remove imperfections often found on concrete surfaces through grinding. Moreover, when extended use deteriorates a surface, grinding is an excellent means to restore it.

Lastly, grinding is an efficient and effective means to develop a skid-resistant surface. Through this method, there are two options.

  • Rough up the surface to increase friction
  • Create grooves in the parking lot or roadway

Both methods improve the safety of your pavement for vehicles and pedestrians.


Mudjacking is another cost-effective alternative to replacement. With this method of concrete repair, Houston businesses have an efficient, effective way to restore a concrete area. Why do businesses need mudjacking services? Oftentimes, the subgrade below concrete erodes due to water penetration. Alternatively, the initial construction methodology of the subgrade could have been inadequate for the usual lifespan of the concrete. Unfortunately, both of these situations can cause the following issues to form at the surface.

  • Cracks
  • Tilts
  • Unlevel slabs

Through mudjacking, we inject a slurry below the surface into the subgrade in order to lift the sunken slab. Oftentimes, a mudjacking project takes only a few hours. This in turn minimizes the delays your business experiences as we work to provide a safer environment for your customers. Backed by decades of experience in concrete restoration, Houston trusts A1SP for efficient solutions to concrete hazards through mudjacking.

Concrete Slab Replacement

When in need of more extensive concrete repairs, Houston relies on our pavement team to offer a full-scale solution. For instance, when concrete fails completely, it often means a full slab replacement. Typically, this is a last resort solution because the process is extensive.

The process involves cutting around the perimeter of the area and breaking up the concrete. From there, we excavate the old concrete and then address any issues with the subgrade. This ensures a strong, long-lasting foundation for the new concrete.

Lastly, we pour high-quality concrete using a mix design tailored specifically to your project. This mix depends on the conditions in your area and the intended use of the area.

As Houston’s concrete repair experts, we have the experience, expertise, and skills required to complete any removal or replacement project. Whether you need to replace a specific slab or have a complex failure, we work with you to stage and perform the work.

With exceptional service and planning, we always strive to minimize the impact of the project on you and your patrons.

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Concrete Repair Houston Depends On

Even properly installed concrete deteriorates over time. From the extremes of Houston weather to the extensive use of the pavement, concrete restoration is often a necessity.

Generally, concrete expands and shrinks as temperatures rise and fall.

As such, it becomes susceptible to damage even early in its lifespan. With preventive measures, we work to improve the longevity of the concrete pavement. In doing so, we help clients avoid costly repairs.

When the inevitable occurs and repair work becomes necessary, call on A1 to take care of your needs. From sidewalks and driveways to parking lots and roadways, A1SP has a team of experts with the knowledge and skills to restore the curb appeal of your business while creating a safe and durable environment.

When you want to restore your concrete, trust in the expertise of A1SP. Contact our team today to learn more about our concrete repair services.