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When it comes to concrete paving, Houston businesses trust A1SP for quality and integrity

At A-1 Construction Services, we understand that we quite literally set the foundation for new projects. With decades of experience in providing high-quality concrete construction, our team has gained a strong reputation throughout the Greater Houston Area. 

We offer concrete paving Houston trusts. Moreover, we guarantee the completion of all projects in a timely manner with excellent results. We efficiently handle every aspect of the concrete construction process for both commercial and residential projects including: 

  • Replacement of old concrete 
  • Blueprint specification installation 
  • Specialty projects

From street paving and sidewalk repair to concrete restoration, Houston businesses count on A1SP to provide highly-skilled contractors for their concrete construction needs. Contact us today to see why Houstonians trust A-1 to get the job done. 

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Houston Concrete Construction: Driveways, Sidewalks, and More 

From jogging trails through parks to sidewalks and driveways through business areas, both pedestrians and drivers rely on A1 Construction Services to get them where they need to go safely. Houston has trusted the experience of A-1’s commercial contractors to provide the needed expertise to correctly construct these important means of transportation throughout the Greater Houston Area for decades. 


When you hire A1SP for concrete paving, Houston can trust that we have the skills and expertise required to install concrete sidewalks efficiently, reliably, and quickly. Additionally, within our concrete repair services, we offer sidewalk repairs. We are available to help with an array of repair projects that you need to ensure pedestrians have a safe path for travel. 

Read more about Stamped Concrete.


Our Houston concrete paving teams understand the importance of concrete maintenance as concrete driveways wear down over time. Whether we repair your current driveway or install a new one, we always strive to provide long-term durability coupled with skillful work. 

Street Paving 

Constructing roads with concrete is the most durable method to build a roadway, often lasting for decades to come. Concrete is an incredibly versatile and strong construction material. At A1SP, we are the pavement experts you need in the Greater Houston Area to properly address your road construction needs. 

As a material, concrete has the strength to withstand tons of weight without losing its structural integrity. This makes it the perfect choice for a broad array of uses, whether you need to connect rural and urban areas with roads or construct a new runway. Concrete pavement is the choice of those striving for durability. 

On-going maintenance is another benefit that concrete pavement provides because it is much less likely to develop potholes than asphalt. 

Finally, concrete street paving helps to minimize motor vehicle skidding, often resulting in fewer accidents. Whether you need to pave a brand new road or make some repairs to some older concrete pavement, we are the concrete contractors Houston counts on to provide the best service. 

Concrete Parking Lots and Parking Structures

Houston is an ever-expanding metropolis that requires efficient installation and repairs for parking lots and parking structures. Efficiency is essential for this service because uninterrupted ingress and egress keeps both tenants and customers happy. When it comes to commercial concrete contractors, Houston trusts A1SP because we have decades of experience working on a broad spectrum of parking lot construction projects. 

When you need a new parking lot, call on us for concrete paving Houston can count on. Our concrete contractors are able to build your new lot with professional quality at an affordable price.  The same applies to any repairs that you need, from simple maintenance to complex restoration. 

Count on our Houston Paving Experts

Our clients rely on us to maintain an efficient timeline with minimal interruptions. By exceeding our customers’ expectations, we have gained a reputation for excellence that is second-to-none. 

If you have a new parking lot project to construct or if you need repairs to an existing lot, we offer an array of concrete services to meet your needs.  Additionally, we install wheel stops and speed bumps to help maintain efficient traffic flow. Call us today to see how we can get the job done for you. 

With decades of experience in an array of concrete projects, A1SP understands the importance of building foundations effectively and efficiently. We offer our customers reliable concrete foundation construction at an affordable price.

Moreover, we strive to maintain efficient timelines while strictly adhering to guidelines set forth by the Foundation Repair Association. No matter the size of the project, we guarantee a strong foundation that will last for years to come.

Whether you are desiring a foundation for a new building, renovating an existing structure, or making repairs, you can count on the concrete contractors at A-1. Call us today to see what we can do for you. 

Foundations: Concrete Paving Houston Can Build From

Tilt Wall Buildings

When it comes to constructing tilt-wall buildings, commonly known as tilt-ups, the process often offers drastically reduced construction costs over other construction methods. Tilt wall projects feature walls that are built by pouring concrete into forms directly at the site. In turn, this creates large tilt-up panels that are erected on-site to form the exterior walls of the building. 

Common examples of projects from concrete paving Houston trusts include using tilt-walls include the following:  

  • Distribution centers 
  • Manufacturing facilities 
  • Office buildings 
  • Retail centers 
  • Warehouses 
  • Other commercial structures

Specialty Concrete

Stained & Colored Concrete 

When working with our concrete contractors, Houston businesses will find an endless range of possibilities available for stained and colored concrete projects. Our team works with you to create customized designs in walking spaces, building entrances, parking lots, roads, and more. As many concrete areas hold the potential for a customized project such as stained or colored concrete, our team will strive to create an area that you will be proud of. 

Patterned Concrete 

Patterned concrete is also referred to as textured, imprinted, or stamped concrete. This easily replaces more expensive materials and is fully customizable to meet your specific needs. 

For instance, patterned concrete can create the look of other materials, such as wood, tile, flagstone, or brick through stamping processes and coloring. This is an excellent option for both commercial and residential areas when you want to create an eye-catching look while using more cost-effective materials. 

Patterned and colored concrete are perfect for an array of areas, including:

  • Entries
  • Driveways
  • Patios 
  • Courtyards 
  • Parking areas
  • Walkways
  • Pool decks 

Give our expert concrete construction consultants at A1 a call to help bring your vision to fruition.

Entries | Driveways | Patios | Courtyards
Parking areas | Walkways | Pool decks

Concrete Overlay 

Concrete overlays allow you to update the look of your concrete surface without having to undertake the expensive process of replacing the pavement.  A wide array of patterns and colors are available to beautify your walkways, patios and building entrance areas, just to name a few.  

Additionally, concrete overlays can help to address slipping problems that normal concrete surfaces may experience. With fully customizable options, our Houston concrete contractors have the ability to craft an endless number of possibilities. 

When you need concrete contractors, Houston can rest easy knowing we will guide you through the concrete overlay process. A1SP is a company you can trust. Call today to see why. 

Brick & Concrete Pavers 

Among our specialty concrete services, we are able to create custom walkways and other paths through the use of bricks and concrete pavers. With these materials, we can install a classic-looking brick area or create a more unique design with concrete pavers. Both options offer a less expensive material and a broad range of possibilities. 

Our Houston concrete contractors have experience with a broad spectrum of projects involving brick and concrete pavers. Contact us today to see how we can get the job done on your next project. 

Pervious Concrete 

Among the advances in construction technology, pervious concrete is an excellent option that allows water to pass through the material. This is especially helpful in Houston where water runoff is a major issue when complying with local drainage requirements. 

As rain and irrigation water pass quickly through the surface, it significantly reduces the runoff. In turn, it slows the erosion of concrete by reducing the exposure to standing water and helps avoid the costly construction of any required detention ponds.

While this special concrete material is not recommended for high-volume roadways, it is a popular choice for pedestrian paths and parking lots. Installing pervious concrete requires special materials, equipment and knowledge that very few contractors possess. 

With decades of experience in pervious concrete installation, our A1SP concrete specialists can provide the guidance necessary to successfully execute any project requiring pervious concrete. 

Concrete Ramps & Wells 

Dock High Ramps 

Our Houston concrete contractors are experts in constructing concrete dock-high and on-grade ramps for trucks and other freight carriers. The construction process requires intricate forming and the extensive use of reinforcing rebar.  We build these concrete dock-high ramps for safety and durability in order to help keep your business on track. 

At A-1 Construction Services, we guarantee concrete construction Houston can trust. Our experts have a broad range of experience on what it takes to build sturdy, well-functioning truck ramps. 

Let us know how we can create a concrete loading dock ramp to meet your precise specifications and have your business up and running as soon as possible. 

ADA Compliant Ramps

Per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all public spaces are required to provide access for all visitors, including those with physical disabilities. Oftentimes, the installation of wheelchair ramps is necessary to comply with the ADA. When failing to meet these guidelines, it can often result in litigation and hefty fines. 

With our concrete contractors, Houston gains access to a team with decades of experience installing ADA-compliant concrete ramps in commercial spaces. We can help you with the design work needed to properly address the required slopes, the proper placement, installation of needed railing and any necessary ramp markings. 

Houston businesses trust us to ensure their ramps meet all the requirements necessary in a cost-efficient and timely manner. 

Contact our team today to see what A-1 can do to help keep you in compliance with the ADA!

Truck Dock Wells 

Whether you run a freight business or an art handling business, you know that well-constructed loading docks are essential. Proper installation of truck dock wells include correctly addressing the appropriate slopes, truck well depths and needed drainage.  This will help ensure that you have the right loading dock which will allow your business to function smoothly on a daily basis. 

When you work with A1SP, we see to it that every detail of your commercial truck dock well concrete construction project is to your specifications and standards. With decades of experience in the commercial construction of truck wells, our Houston concrete contractors know how to expertly design and construct these for a wide array of applications. No matter how complex your needs are, our team is ready, willing, and able to cost-efficiently complete the job while adhering to your timeline. 

Concrete Repair

Repair through Concrete Grinding

We offer concrete repair you can count on.

Concrete grinding is an important aspect of concrete maintenance. One of the most common uses for grinding is for the removal of tripping hazards associated with buckling concrete or raised concrete panels.  This is a very economical way to address this condition and is much cheaper than actually replacing the raised concrete. 
In addition, our Houston concrete contractors are able to remove imperfections remaining from the construction as well deterioration of the surface resulting from extended use. Finally grinding is able to quickly create a skid-resistant surface either through slightly roughing up the surface or creating grooves in parking areas and roadways.  Either of these methods result in increasing the safety of your space for both pedestrians and vehicles alike.


Like grinding, mudjacking, also known as slabjacking, offers a cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement.  Generally, subgrade erosion or poor construction methodologies cause concrete to sink over time. This leads to cracks, tilts, and other issues forming on the surface. 

Through the process of mudjacking, our Houston concrete contractors lift sunken concrete by injecting a cementitious slurry grout of cement, sand, fines and water into the subgrade in order to raise it from below. 

With decades of experience in commercial construction, our concrete construction team knows how to carefully use the mudjacking process to restore concrete without causing additional damage. 

Typically, we are able to complete mudjacking projects within a few hours. This allows your business to get back on track without experiencing the delays and expense of replacing the concrete using traditional methods. 

Concrete Slab Replacement 

When experiencing total failure of concrete, it is necessary to remove and replace the concrete pavement.  This will involve saw cutting around the perimeter of the area, breaking the concrete to a point to where it can be excavated and removing the concrete.  Any deterioration issues with the subgrade will then be addressed before installing new reinforcing rebar and any needed redwood for expansion joints.  

The final stage of concrete replacement is to pour a high quality concrete with mix specifications tailored to the actual conditions and intended use. 

Our full-service Houston concrete contractors have the experience, tools, and knowledge necessary to confidently complete any concrete removal or replacement needs you may have. Whether you simply need an exterior concrete panel replaced or have a complex failure involving interior concrete, we work with you in staging and performing the work to minimize the inconvenience to you and your patrons. 

Other Concrete Services

At A1SP, our Houston concrete contractors provide other concrete and related services to help address any other needs you may have with your Houston-area project. No matter your need, you can count on A-1 Construction Services. 

Retaining Walls 

Retaining walls of any kind, from screening walls and perimeter fences to sound barriers and erosion control walls, require durable and cost-effective construction. Our Houston commercial contractors are able to provide the needed equipment and know-how to install a wide range of retaining walls and perimeter walls. 

Whether you need large-scale erosion control walls or simple screening walls, you can rely on the experience of our experts. Contact us at to help you bring your next project to reality. 

Brick and Block Walls

Brick and block options provide a broad range of possibilities when constructing edges, walls, and other commercial concrete construction projects. Moreover, brick walls offer classic style while allowing efficient drainage for rainwater, making them an excellent choice for barriers.

With decades of experience, our Houston concrete construction contractors have the expertise needed to build to your exact specifications. Contact our team today to see how we can meet your brick and block wall commercial construction needs. 

Light Pole Standards and Bases 

Lights are essential to providing the needed visibility and security for any commercial parking area. It is very important that the light pole standards are designed and constructed to properly support the lights to withstand high wind loads and other environmental conditions.  

Our concrete experts have the knowledge and experience you need. We drill, properly reinforce and pour light pole standards that withstand anything that Mother Nature throws its way. Moreover, we guarantee consistency and durability in all our light pole foundations. 

How? We focus on high-quality construction.

Flagstone and Paver Installation 

When used properly, flagstone and pavers offer a stylish alternative to standard paving methods in an array of areas. This includes pathways, walkways, driveways, and patios. Ranging from flagstone and sedimentary limestone to irregularly shaped sandstones, we are able to work to meet your specification. Select from a range of styles and colors. Then, trust our Houston concrete paving team to efficiently install your choices. 

Contact us today to see how we can meet your flagstone and fulfill the concrete construction Houston needs!

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Benefits of Using
Concrete in Construction

Trust in the work of the team at A1SP. We remove concrete pavement in a way that allows us to recycle it for use in future projects. Concrete is an excellent choice when it comes to construction materials because it offers a number of benefits.

For road paving, concrete absorbs less heat, which is a great feature for those hot Houston days. Additionally, it offers excellent light reflection to help keep the roadways illuminated. When you want a more environmentally friendly material, concrete doesn’t always come to mind. However, its ability to be broken down and reused prevents concrete waste from ending up in landfills.

When they hire us for concrete paving, Houston residents and business owners often see the benefit of efficient concrete installation. No matter what your project requires, our team has decades of experience. Call on us to see how we can meet your concrete construction needs.