Asphalt Subgrade Preparation Houston Relies On

Asphalt Subgrade Preparation
Houston Relies On

Asphalt subgrade preparation is an essential service we offer as a Houston asphalt paving company. In asphalt paving, there are three essential elements that are required for proper construction. When done right, these elements ensure long-lasting pavement for both commercial and residential applications.

Conversely, when any of these three components are not executed correctly, your pavement will not meet your expectations. These are the three essential elements in asphalt paving.

  • Subgrade preparation
  • Pavement thickness
  • Drainage

With our subgrade preparation services, we ensure your project remains stable for years to come. Whether you have a residential or commercial project, trust that A1SP has the skills and expertise needed. Let us help you get the job done right the first time.

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Important Considerations in Asphalt Subgrade Preparation

As your asphalt paving experts, we know how to personalize our work to ensure the results meet your unique needs. Along with these personalized details, there are also many construction considerations that consistently need to be taken to ensure a quality outcome on every job.

One of the most important details to address is ensuring that the subgrade is properly prepared. Some of the important considerations when preparing the subgrade for asphalt paving include the following.

  1. The expected loads that the asphalt pavement is expected to support.
  2. The thickness of asphalt that is specified.
  3. The soils found in the area where the pavement is to be located.
  4. Voids and moisture content of the existing subgrade.
  5. Grades of the area to ensure proper drainage.

Residential Subgrade Preparation

When it comes to asphalt subgrade preparation, every project we start begins with an extensive evaluation. Through our evaluation of the base and subgrade, our experts identify potential issues or challenges. For example, when we identify a soft spot in your driveway, we will excavate the area and install an appropriate base material.

As we prepare for the project, we will also level up low areas. This helps to ensure proper drainage of the area. This in turn helps with the longevity of the pavement as low spots will cause water to pool which in turn puts stress on the pavement.

With proper asphalt subgrade preparation, Houston homeowners will have a stable foundation for their asphalt pavement for many years to come.

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Commercial Asphalt Subgrade Preparation Houston

For Houston area businesses, proper asphalt subgrade preparation is essential for durability and longevity. When you need a new parking lot or roadway, you want it to last for years to come. Moreover, you want pavement that provides your customers and clients with a smooth, safe introduction to your business.

Commercial subgrade preparation differs slightly from residential projects. Still, no matter the type of project, our team of asphalt contractors strive to provide high-quality work in an efficient, effective manner.

When we provide subgrade preparation for a commercial site, we take measures to strengthen the subgrade which supports the base material and pavement. Because commercial properties often see far more traffic and heavier loads than residential projects, proper subgrade preparation is critical.

As we prepare an area for asphalt paving, we evaluate the conditions of the soil. Based on these findings, a scope of work will be determined to properly address the subgrade. Because soil types vary with locations, it is essential that you work with a team that understands local soil conditions.

With decades of experience, we have the knowledge to establish the necessary steps to properly prepare the subgrade for your asphalt paving project.

The Importance of a Strong Base

The Importance of a Strong Base

When it comes to asphalt paving, the base is extremely important. As the foundation of the project, it is a critical component to how long your pavement lasts. Moreover, a proper base helps your pavement withstand the harsh elements we experience in Houston.

With an appropriate evaluation, our asphalt contractors tailor your paving project to your specific needs and area. Backed by decades of experience working in Houston, businesses and residents alike trust the team at A1SP. Contact us today for a quote on your next project.