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With our asphalt maintenance services, Houston businesses have everything they need to keep their blacktop surface fresh for years to come. Backed by decades of experience, our team uses an array of techniques to keep asphalt surfaces healthy.

From asphalt sealcoating to patching and crack filling, we understand how to implement the most effective solution for your project. When you want to extend the life of your surface, count on the expertise of A1SP. Contact us today for a quote on your project.

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What Causes Asphalt to Erode?

Understanding the benefits of our Houston asphalt maintenance services helps to ensure the durability, longevity, and quality of your asphalt surface. Without regular maintenance, asphalt erodes and cracks.

While quality asphalt mix, professional installation, and a solid foundation increase the lifespan of your pavement, everything requires regular attention and care. Asphalt is no different. What causes asphalt to erode?

  • Heavy traffic
  • Oxidation
  • Sun drying
  • Water

Houston is notorious for all of these factors, with a plethora of both sun and rain throughout the year. Moreover, as the most populated city in Texas, there’s no shortage of traffic that wears down roads, pathways, and parking lots.

Asphalt Maintenance Services
Houston Relies On

With our asphalt maintenance services, Houston businesses have access to a broad range of repair and maintenance techniques. As a premier paving company in Houston, our goal is to ensure our clients have a safe, secure, aesthetically pleasing environment for their patrons.

From cracks in the surface and pothole repairs to extensive restoration work, we have the experience to provide efficient, affordable service throughout the Houston area. When you require asphalt repairs that don’t break your budget, call on the team at A1SP.

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Asphalt Patching Houston

Among our Houston asphalt maintenance services, asphalt patching is an efficient way to repair and maintain your surface. From pothole repairs to pathway surface maintenance, patching is an excellent preventative measure.

With proper application, asphalt patching prevents further deterioration. As such, it helps you avoid major repair expenses down the road. Depending on the specific project, we apply an array of mixes to restore the surface.

When you require expert asphalt maintenance in Houston, trust in the experience of our team. With decades of experience on hand, we determine the appropriate patching technique and material based on the extent of the damage and intended use of the surface.

Uses of Asphalt Patching

  • Localized solution for specific issues
  • When a surface weakens, patching is often sufficient for repair. However, we may implement surface milling techniques for drainage and smoothness.
  • When the foundation weakens, stress cracks show. For improved safety, we remove pavement when necessary to ensure the foundation is sound and address the issue as needed.

Crack Filling

When it comes to Houston asphalt maintenance services, crack filling is an important technique. This is especially true in areas that experience heavy traffic or sudden changes in temperature.

When cracks appear on an asphalt surface, it is crucial to fill them as soon as possible. With fast action, you prevent water from saturating the base material which serves as the foundation for your asphalt. At A1SP, our asphalt contractors fill cracks to help Houston businesses avoid expensive foundation repairs down the line.

With our asphalt maintenance services, Houston businesses have an expert team to maintain their asphalt surfaces in a cost-effective manner.

Prevents water penetration and oxidation

  • Clinches and seals pavement
  • Address thermal cracks from seasonal changes
  • Crack Filling sealants fill corners and edges for an optimized hold.


Among our Houston asphalt maintenance services, we offer sealcoating as a preventative measure. In this process, we apply a protective sealant to the asphalt surface. This slows the aging process of the asphalt, increasing the longevity and durability of the surface.

From parking lots to roadways, seal coating is a vital aspect of restoration and preservation. Additionally, it improves the curb appeal of the surface and guards against spills and oxidation.

With this protective barrier, your surface has a shield of sorts. The sealant protects the surface from chemicals, oil, salt, gas, UV rays, and water. Backed by years of experience, our maintenance team is ready to help your surface last for years to come.

Types of Asphalt Sealcoating

  • Asphalt emulsion sealants offer a cost-effective means to preserve and darken asphalt pavement. This provides a new, clean look for your business.
  • Chipsealing is a technique suited to roadways and industrial properties. In this process, we use a layer of emulsion covered by aggregates to form a new surface.
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Asphalt Maintenance Services Houston Can Count On

Houston Asphalt Maintenance Services

At A1SP, we strive to provide our clients with excellence in customer service and our asphalt paving work. Backed by decades of experience, we understand the intricacies of pavement repair and restoration.

Through our Houston asphalt maintenance services, we offer a means for our clients to extend the life of their surfaces. You can avoid extensive foundation repairs down the road when you work with our expert team of asphalt contractors. Contact us for a free quote on your restoration project today!