4 Reasons to Use Asphalt in Commercial Construction

4 Reasons to Use Asphalt in Commercial Construction

While there are many reasons to use asphalt in commercial construction, not everyone is
aware. When it comes to commercial construction, it’s crucial to understand your options.
Beyond asphalt and concrete, there are a wide variety of materials available.
However, not every material is made equal. While they fit virtually any timeline, design
preference, or budget, nothing has quite the longevity of asphalt. Below, we look at 4 reasons to
use asphalt in commercial construction. Read on to see why this material is so great.

Reasons to use Asphalt – #1 – Flexibility & Versatility

When you think of asphalt, what comes to mind? For many people, they picture paved roads
and not much more. However, there are many uses in outdoor projects for the material.
From driveways and parking lots to patios and walkways, blacktop is useful in many
applications. Truly, it fits such a broad spectrum of needs, making it a versatile choice.

#2 – Affordability and Efficiency

Oftentimes, asphalt is more affordable than other materials. While some might think this is due
to a poorer quality, that’s not the case at all. Simply put, it’s efficient to install and easy to
Because the material is so affordable, you can work with high-quality asphalt contractors. When
you have one team to handle your asphalt paving needs, you have service backed by
In the end, the result is a durable, professional blacktop surface that never breaks the bank.

#3 – Less Prone to Cracking Than Other Materials

One of the main reasons to use asphalt in commercial construction is that it is more flexible as a
material. Beyond in how you use it, the material itself is more flexible than other options. In turn,
it is much less prone to cracking and other forms of damage.
Additionally, if your surface sustains damage, there are affordable ways to repair asphalt.
Therefore, you have a prolonged life with reduced maintenance costs.

Reasons to Use Asphalt – #4 – The Environmental Impact of Asphalt Use

Unfortunately, not every construction project is environmentally friendly. However, asphalt is a
great option when your environmental impact is a concern. Because it takes less energy to
produce than other materials, you reduce the carbon footprint of your project.
Moreover, the material itself is recyclable. When you switch to asphalt in your commercial
construction project, it’s a small change with the potential to have a bigger impact over time.
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